TV Production

Over the course of the last 2 years we have worked with many different television production companies and film crews that have helped to capture the beauty of the animals we work with, as well as our vision for the future. Exposure in the widespread media is an important tool for change – we want to educate the masses on the rising threat of extinction to our native reptiles and amphibians, whilst shedding light on those species who have, unfortunately, already perished.  

Not only do we share our vision for the future with the wider world through media, we also give film makers the opportunity to video our rare species for film/tv production. Many of the animals we keep are hard or otherwise time consuming to film in the wild, so we provide the solution. Our natural setups and enclosures prove to be the perfect candidate for naturalistic filming, whether it be for documentaries, amateur films or news features. 

What can we offer on site are there that make us the perfect place to film reptiles and amphibians?

  1. Flexibility: Due to the fact all our animals are in large naturalistic enclosures, we can alter the habitat/background to suit you. Want a sand lizard in a dune system? We can do that. Want the sand lizard in heathland? Done. 
  2. Variety: While on site, there is a multitude of species to film and capture with your camera, 
  3. Expertise: There is no need to worry about animal handling while onset as the team are well versed in this. This is important for both your safety, and the animals.

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