For the last few years we have ran photography workshops at our facility, giving photographers of all levels and skillsets an opportunity to capture the beauty of Europe’s reptiles and amphibians, here in the UK. There is now no need to travel all over Europe to photograph its animals. 

Accompanying you during the day will be our team, to help handle and give some insight into the variety of species we keep, as well as professional photographer and videographer Jack Perks. Jack will be able to give expert advice on getting the perfect shot, and can cater to all skillsets, complete novice, or pro, Jack will share his experience on capturing these incredible species behind the lens.

As well as the group workshops, we do offer individual days for those more confident with a camera, whether you just need a few images of one species, or would like an array of all the animals we care for, we can accommodate you.

What can we offer on site are there that make us the perfect place to photograph reptiles and amphibians?

  1. Flexibility: Due to the fact all our animals are in large naturalistic enclosures, we can alter the habitat/background to suit you. Want a sand lizard in a dune system? We can do that. Want the sand lizard in heathland? Done. 
  2. Variety: While on site, there is a multitude of species to film and capture with your camera, 
  3. On-hand expertise: Our team make great animal handlers to ensure both yourself, and the animals remain safe and stress free! We also provide the option to have expert photography advice from our good friend Jack Perks on our workshops.
  4. Nearby facilities: Adjacent to our facility we have a large carpark, with a cafe/shop next door. 

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